What is the WoW Classic TBC and how does it work?

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What is the WoW Classic TBC and how does it work?

This is the first official announcement of the Burning Crusade realms! That's fantastic news for anyone who yearned for the glory days of the first World of Warcraft expansion. Although we do not yet have a specific release date, we do have a great deal of useful information that clarifies how the game will function in its current state. Taking a closer look, shall we?

What is the WoW Classic TBC and how does it work?

1. Is The Battle for Catan a completely separate game?
WoW TBC isn't really a standalone game in the traditional sense. It is a continuation of World of Warcraft Classic, thus the name World of Warcraft Burning Crusade Classic. It appears that this will be the moniker for all of the retro versions, so we should just get used to it for the time being. That means Vanilla and The Burning Crusade will not exist as two separate games at the same time; instead, they will be merged into a single game, just as it was the first time the Burning Crusade was released.

However, there is a slight difference: Blizzard will set up a number of legacy realms, the exact number of which has not yet been determined, which are essentially Vanilla realms that have been frozen in time by the eternal Naxxramas patch. If you wish, you can continue to play on those legacy realms and create new characters if you so desire, but the likelihood that those legacy realms will become very popular (and populous!) is not very high. Detailed information on the legacy realms will be covered in the third section of this article. However, the important takeaway here is that legacy realms will not be considered a separate game, but will instead be included in World of Warcraft Classic. And the WOW gold TBC works in the same way

2. Do I have to purchase it or do I have to pay a monthly subscription fee?
Although you are not required to purchase it, a subscription is still required. Purchasing it is identical to how the WoW Classic subscription fee works right now: there is a single subscription fee that is applied to both the Classic and Retail editions of the game. You only have to pay once and you can participate in both games.

3. What happens to my characters from the Classic era?
When TBC arrives, there are three possible outcomes for your character, and it is entirely up to you to decide which of these will take place.
It is transformed into a TBC character. Your character becomes a part of the new game world, complete with all of its changes and updates, when you complete the game. You can travel to Outland, level up to 70, and obtain a flying mount, among other things.
It will always be a Vanilla character. Your character is transported to a legacy realm, where he or she will remain for the rest of time, along with other characters who are stuck in the times of the Naxxramas patch.
It receives both. While the original character remains on its newly upgraded realm, a paid option allows you to copy your character and send him or her to a legacy realm while the original character or character group continues its journey to the Burning Crusade. It's possible that you'll find this option appealing if you believe you'll need some sort of trophy shelf. But keep in mind that there is an additional fee.
It's important to note that legacy realms will be set up in such a way that your friend list will be preserved in its entirety, so you won't have to worry about losing touch with old acquaintances. A regular migration will not take place; instead, a more intelligent and player-friendly version will take place.

4. Do I have to start at the beginning of the game if I didn't play Classic?
That is correct, just as you were required to begin with level 1 in the original TBC. However, Blizzard has introduced a paid instant boost up to level 58, which can be used only once per account and is only available for a limited time. For those who have not yet experienced World of Warcraft Classic, this is an excellent solution. Blood elves and draenei, on the other hand, will not benefit from the instant boost for some reason – you simply cannot boost them up that quickly.

We also provide a leveling boost to our customers. While not instantaneous, it can be applied to as many characters as you want, and the level span can be customized to your liking: you can get your character to level 60, level 55, or any other level you want. In addition, we perform this service for all races, including blood elves and draenei.

5. When will the new races be made available to the public?
For the first time in the TBC, you will be able to create your own blood elf or draenei before the game is released. They will be introduced in the pre-patch, which means you will have plenty of time to level them up before Outland is made available. Remember that you cannot apply an instant boost to these two races, so either level them up quickly yourself or contact Armada Boost to have them professionally leveled – our professionals are experts at doing so in a short amount of time.

6. Will you provide in-game services in World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade as well?
Yes, without a doubt. Power leveling, WOW classic gold deliveries, arena carries, and a slew of other useful features will be included! In addition, we have a fantastic all-in-one package to assist you in preparing your characters for TBC. In addition to leveling up to level 60, 2 or more professions boosts, a mount purchase, and some other additional useful options, it also includes the following: